My In-Depth ProWriterz Review

prowriterz writing services is one of the very few writing services that actually looks legit at first glance. But we all know that the looks of a website seldom signify high-quality. What’s great about is that it doesn’t turn your stomach upside-down, design-wise.

Pro Writerz, however, isn’t perfect. It has its flaws, like the vast majority of similar services. Let me tell you everything you should know before entering the site and hitting that “Order” button mindlessly.

About ProWriterz
Just like in the case of several other paper writing companies, this one doesn’t have testimonials either. How are students supposed to make a good decision – let alone a decision – if they cannot research on what others think about a particular company?

No matter how professional the company might be, the lack of testimonials is a really big downside and halves the score PW could get.

The Quality of Work
A few customer Prowriterz reviews can be found online, and most of them accuse the service of providing low-quality papers. Most of them are replete with errors and inconsistencies. Even their samples are ridden with various grammatical errors. Obviously, if a sample is so faulty, could you expect a better quality of the paper you would order? Of course not.

Second of all, there have been complaints that the company cannot respect the proposed deadline, which represents yet another strike against their score and trustworthiness.

The company excels at offering discounts (probably to lure more customers that have no idea what they’re dealing with). They provide a lot of them: 10% for the first order, with a promo code, 3% for liking the company’s Facebook page, 12% for suggestions, etc. Too many of them.

When you’re a professional company, you don’t really need to use hundreds of discounts to get your customers. They will come to you because 1) the testimonials will let them know you’re serious and 2) word will go that you are definitely worth checking out and working with.

Discounts and coupon codes don’t do much when the quality of your services is really far from desirable.

The Prices
The prices are extremely high for the quality your money will get you back. They start somewhere around $33 per page (which is not at all ideal for a student that doesn’t have funds). You can find many other writing services that provide the same array of papers for half this price. But then again, you have all those discounts to use to your advantage.

The Verdict
Unfortunately, this website gets a “fair” (with indulgence) rating, although it could be better than this if the company actually cared about the customers. is not a fraud or scam, that’s for sure. In spite of this, there are plenty of other – and much better – alternatives. This is simply too expensive, and the quality of the work could be improved a lot.

There are other companies a lot worse than this one, but what’s fair is fair. It could use some rethinking.

Prowriterz review