Three Writing Services One Should Steer Clear Of

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As a student that likes to enjoy life now and then, I don’t have time to stuff my head in books 24/7. There are indeed times when I focus completely on my studies, but with the load of stuff I have to study, I don’t always have time for my assignments – so I just pass those off to some writing service.

I chose the ones that had a good rating, but there were also times when I’ve been burned. So to prevent others from going through what I did, here are some websites I suggest you steer clear of.

1. GetEssayDone

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I needed a research paper for my history class, so I went with these guys. I should have realized from the beginning that their quality was low since I couldn’t find any samples or even a blog post that works.

GetEssayDone testimonials were nonexistent too. Everything you could find was on review websites, and those customer reviews were mixed as well. Some were saying that their services are horrible, while the others were saying that they’re god’s gift to earthlings. You couldn’t know who to believe… so I tried my luck and hoped for a miracle.

What I got instead was a paper packed with grammatical errors, odd sentence structures, and poor research. It wasn’t a paper that you could give to a college professor and get a good grade on it.

2. WriteMyEssayToday

Write My Essay Today review
Once more, I couldn’t find any samples or blog posts to see how these guys write; but the WriteMyEssayToday prices were pretty good, so I thought I should give them a try. However, considering I still paid almost $220 for an 8-page college level research paper, I honestly thought I would get a higher quality paper.

What I received, on the other hand, was a paper with poor grammar and shallow research. It’s something that you may have been able to turn in as a freshman in high school, but not as a college-level student. There wasn’t even a promo code or some coupon codes that I could use – although they do say they offer them.

Overall, I found these guys pretty shady. There wasn’t any actual info on the writers, and all they said was “Just trust us.” Yeah; as if that’s going to happen without any proof. It will only happen if you are desperate – like I was.

3. SameDayPapers

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For a “same day paper,” I received my paper pretty late; but what disappointed me the most was the quality of the essay. I requested that they use reputable sources for the paper, but all they used was apparently random internet articles.

The structure was also something that no college professor would have accepted. There wasn’t even a thesis, the conclusion was like thrown from a train, and I basically had to read it several times to understand what was it that they wanted to prove.

I read several SameDayPapers reviews, and apparently, I wasn’t the only one that stumbled across this problem. The papers had no actual substance, and it looked more like they were trying to reach the word count rather than focusing on the substance.

Discounts? None, although their ads do say that they offer all types of discounts. So much for honesty. It may not be fraud or scam when it comes to money, but it definitely is when it comes to quality.

Overall, these are the websites that you should avoid at all costs – that is if you want to pass your classes. If a student looking for a scholarship would order from these, they could kiss their chances goodbye.